Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Who? Me?

                                   Hey guys! What's happening? oh, wait, this is a blog, right. Anyways, I should probably tell you about me? Well, my name is Holly Wilson and I am 15 years old! Young right? Here's a list of me!

-Favorite food? Lasagna.
-Favorite dessert? Cookies.
-Favorite color? Bluish-Green.
- Favorite animal? Tiger.
-Favorite hobby? Photography or art (Can't decide)
-Favorite sport? Basketball.
-Early bird or Night owl? Night owl.
-Cat or dog? Cat, duh!
-Outside or inside? Inside (that's what she said!)
-Winter or Summer? Winter!
-Favorite you tuber? Pewdiepie!
-Hobbies? Blog, vlog, Youtube, interwebs, dance, paint, draw, photography, school (bleh!), piano
-Pets? 1 dog named Cosmo(it's a boy)
-Siblings? Nope! (forever alone)

                                             That's about it if I missed anything that you want to know about me comment and tell me (I'm dying to know)! Thanks!


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